Managing Competition in a Zero-Sum Market




US, Mexico

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As Covid surged, demand for in-home entertainment grew in tandem, attracting both customers and increased competition to the market. Competitor brands quickly matched features offerings at ever lower prices, in spite of rising advertising costs. Meanwhile, offline-exclusive distributors were pilfering online sales through reseller accounts. Our client wanted to claim back their rightful share of the market, across multiple sales channels (Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, Lowes, and Target), without compromising profit.



  • We began by implementing Listing Monitoring for all products to track anomalies and BSR. This would be critical in helping us resolve issues promptly as they occur, and diagnose root causes.
  • Next was to overhaul their listings (for SEO), and strategically redesign their ad campaigns from the ground up, ensuring our brand-related searches were protected while we continually tested, optimized, and capitalized on new campaign strategies.
  • Finally, we established weekly performance reviews to continually assess issues, risks, and opportunities, revising our plan as necessary moving forward.

2019-2021 Results:

  • 13.7x Yearly Revenue (270% Annual ROR)
  • 12.8x Yearly Units Sold