Scaling Revenue With Reduced Overhead


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Our client was a traditional manufacturer skilled in product development and manufacturing, but was suffering from strains brought on by scaling direct sales.


Under their original management, it was evident that they lacked operational transparency and standardized workflow to enforce transparency. Data management was mostly manual, with minimal oversight. As a result, decisions were second guessed and core issues were rarely mitigated, and the more they scaled, the less visibility they had. This all happened as Amazon policies were growing increasingly strict, meaning there was little room for missteps.


  • Through HooraySuite, we integrated their inventory, sales, PO, and in-transit inventory all into one platform, offering them granular product performance data that provided them much clearer insights into their best and worst performing product lines.
  • With our Listing Monitor, we were able to keep track of their ever growing catalog of products for any issues so we could resolve them in a timely manner.
  • Once they were ready to scale, we dug deep into category research to provide guidance on their product selection.


  • SKU managed per Manager: 10 -> 60